• Our spray in place process has rehabilitated thousands of miles of water mains around the world
    Municipal Water Mains
    Our spray in place process has rehabilitated
    thousands of miles of water mains around the world
    Commercial Pipelines
    Our spray in place process has rehabilitated
    a wide range of piping systems and conveyed media
  • Belco Pipe Restoration - Save money, time and gain convenience<br>with proven, state of-the-art pipe restoration.
    Belco Pipe Restoration
    Save money, time and gain convenience
    with proven, state of-the-art pipe restoration.
  • The Belco Advantage- Cost Effective, Safe and Durable, Minimal Downtime, Minimal Disruption, and No Occupant Displacement
    The Belco Advantage
    Cost Effective
    Safe and Durable
    Minimal Downtime
    Minimal Disruption
    No Occupant Displacement

About Belco Pipe Restoration

The Belco process costs 40 – 60% less than pipe replacement

Belco has provided impeccable service for over 32 years globally, lining hundreds of miles of in-situ underground & in place potable and non-potable water systems. Belco is the longest running company in North America that provides Spray In Pace Pipe rehabilitation, proven to save our clients millions of dollars. Belco is a national leader in the trenchless technology world of pipe lining restoration services.

Why replace pipes when restoration is superior and far more efficient?

Save money, time, and gain convenience with proven, state-of-the-art pipe restoration. Belco Pipe Restoration is the leading pipe restoration company in the New York Tri-State area, offering pipe restoration solutions that are far superior to traditional pipe replacement. We have developed a high-tech epoxy application that has revolutionized the way water, HVAC, waste lines, gas and sewer pipe systems are restored. We are experts in underground and building systems pipe restoration services, PIP/Structural lining, and spray systems for extremely small pipes. Our state-of-the-art, green building restoration technologies restore pipes from one half inch to 60 inches in diameter and up to 700 feet at a time. Our solutions are extremely efficient, saving time, money, and the aggravation associated with traditional pipe replacement.

We also provide service far beyond the New York Tri-State Area, including but not limited to: Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

Our Solutions

Robotic Spray Application

With our model 459 Robotic Spray Application system, BELCO offers the most advanced epoxy pipe lining system available anywhere. This technology has been successfully used for hundreds of miles of underground water mains worldwide.

CIPP (Pipe In Place)

BELCO's patented Pipe in Place technology (also known as PIP, Cured in Place or Pull in Place) allows underground pipes to be restored without expensive and disruptive excavation.

Small Diameter Epoxy Application

The most effective restoration solution for pipes 2 inches or smaller.

Our Recent Projects

Who Belco Pipe Resoration Is For

Steps in Our Process

All three of our pipe lining solutions follow a similar process, custom tailored to your infrastructure's specific needs.

Pipe System Diagnosis

The internal plumbing system is mapped and we develop and implement a plan to minimize disruption.

Preparation & Cleaning

The current system is cleaned– and repaired, if necessary– in preparation for the lining process.

Epoxy Lining

Our proprietary technology lines the pipes from the inside with a safe and protective barrier, with (NSF/ANSI-61) certification that is approved for drinking water.


We extensively test our systems for volume and flow levels, with computerized camera systems and standardized leak tests.

What Our Customers Think

... I would recommend Belco Pipe Restoration to anyone who is looking to provide an innovative, cost effective solution to restore their buildings infrastructure ... Tim Doyle
... Fisher Brothers is very satisfied with the successful lining projects ...Frank DeNicola
... This was especially impressive as there was no interruption to the upscale atmosphere in which we provide our customers ... Tim Doyle
... Most importantly, Belco has saved us a significant amount of time and money ... Frank DeNicola

Belco Advantages

Cost Effective

Replacing pipes is 50% to 75% more expensive than lining them. Lining is a non-invasive process. There is no destruction to buildings or landscape. Reconstruction costs for repiping can be 60% of direct pipe repair costs and epoxy lining eliminates the need for reconstruction. Over time, up to 75% of the original flow capacity can be lost as result of corrosion leading to much higher energy bills. Restoring those pipes reduces energy costs.

Safe and Durable

Our epoxy spray systems provide a safe and protective barrier between the pipe and the water,which prevents harmful elements from leaching into the water supply. We use a chemical resistant, non-toxic epoxy lining which has (NSF/ANSI-61) certification that is approved for drinking water. Testing engineers estimate the life expectancy of the epoxy is roughly 50 years.

Minimal Downtime

In all cases, epoxy lining takes a fraction of the time of traditional repiping methods.

Minimal Disruption and No Occupant Displacement

Belco's pipe restoration process is quick, quiet, non-invasive, and rarely requires displacement of a building's occupants. When needed, temporary bypass water systems are quickly installed to provide uninterrupted water service so that occupants, businesses, and clientele may continue business as usual.


Epoxy lining can be applied in any metal pipe in any building, structure, or environment, above or below ground. This approach is used in the piping systems of hotels, high-rise condominiums, hospitals, restaurants, airports, schools, museums, U.S. Navy ships and commercial and industrial businesses. Our solution is available for potable water pipes as well as hot water recirculation systems, fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems, chiller lines and HVAC systems.

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